write a analysis with outside research

1,250-1,700 wds (5-7 pgs),( Just write 850 words more on the file I’ve attached below) a double-spaced typed page, and outside research of fivecredible sources. Two of the sources need to be other than a regular website (e.g., online periodical, book, journal, newspaper, magazine). Times.com is not considered a regular website source but a newspaper. Website would be webmd.com.
Develop a solid and strong thesis.
Structure: Introduction Paragraph- last sentence needs to have the thesis (4-6 sents.)
Body Paragraphs (4-10 sents.)
Conclusion Paragraph-wrap up and push to a new direction. Do not summarize the essay. (3-5 sents.)
**Pay attention to your topic sentences. A topic sentences states the main idea in each paragraph using your own words and ideas.
placed onto a Microsoft Word document
Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
1 inch margins
indented paragraphs
creative title centered in the middle with regular font
MLA citation
page numbers on the top right-hand corner. Ex: Chen 1
third-person only (he, she, it)
no contractions. Ex: don’tàdo not
header on the left-hand side
Your name
Professor Chen
English 1B
Works Cited Page

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